is looking for guest bloggers to contribute articles to the new Travel Tips section of our website. This page will give you an overview of what we’re looking for. If you’d like to contribute, please fill out the form at the bottom after you’ve read through the details.

What You Get

Free Links. Your article may include 2 links to your own website, social media profiles, etc.

Free Promotion. We will link to your article on all of our social media pages. Also, we can time the publication of your article to coincide with any promotions that you have scheduled (such as a book release, sale, etc.)

Plus, it’s a cool opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise.

Who Should Be a Guest Blogger

If you are someone with the following qualities, we’d love for you to be a guest blogger:

  • A good writer AND …
  • A professional in the travel industry OR
  • A frequent traveler OR
  • A blogger with your own travel blog OR
  • Something else that makes you uniquely able to write about the travel or cruise industry

Rules and Guidelines

  • The article must be unique and not already published online, even on your own blog.
  • The article should be between 500 and 2000 words. Around 1000 is ideal.
  • You may include illustrations such as photos or graphics, as long as you have the rights to them.
  • Articles should be submitted to us as Microsoft Word Documents (.doc or .docx) rich text files (.rtf) or plain text files (.txt) via email. You’ll be contacted with details after you let us know that you’re interested via the form below.
  • The article must be about one of our suggested topics below or about your own topic approved by us.

Suggested Topics is focused on discount cruises, so most of the articles we’ll accept will be somehow related to affordable cruises and related aspects of cruise vacations. The suggested topics below are only starting points. For example, if you want to write about cruises to Alaska, it’s best to include something unique and interesting that will help cruisers.

  • [ANY CRUISE LINE] Cruises
    Examples: Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Disney Cruises
    Examples: Alaska Cruises, Mediterranean Cruises
    Examples: Discount Carnival Cruises
  • Cruises from [ANY PORT]
  • [ANY DESTINATION] Cruise Tours
  • Singles Cruises
  • Family Cruise Vacations
  • Military Discount Cruises
  • Senior Discount Cruises
  • Last Minute Cruises
  • What/how to pack for a cruise
  • What to ask your travel agent before you book a cruise
  • How to find the best cruise prices
  • Perfect travel timing
  • How to choose a cruise line / Best cruise line for [SITUATION]

Your Own Topics

We’re interested to hear your own topic suggestions! Just make sure they’re about cruises in some way.


  • Only submit an article that you would be proud to have your name on, because your name will be on it!
  • Check out this great post at Copyblogger about common guest post mistakes.
  • Make sure your article is useful to travelers in some important way. Useful and interesting enough that people will want to share it.
  • This article is mostly written for the site it’s posted on, but still has a lot of useful tips for guest bloggers: 15 tips to help you become a brilliant guest blogger.

Terms and Conditions

Boring but still important details:

  • Because this is so important, we’ll repeat it: the article must not have been previously published online.
  • The article must be written by you, not anyone else.
  • You agree to let us publish your article at indefinitely.
  • You agree not to publish the article elsewhere for a period of two years.
  • The links you include in your article or author bio may not go to competing travel agency websites.
  • We retain full editorial control over all content published on our website. Your article may be edited for SEO purposes, grammar, or spelling. It is not likely that major edits will be made.

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