Our travel agents have years of experience in travel. They are all experienced cruisers, and in order to get to a cruise, most of the time you have to take a flight to your cruise’s embarkation port. We polled our travel agents to get their top tips for getting through airport security faster and easier. This is what they had to say:

6. Stash Your Metal

If you normally wear any metal items (jewelry, a belt with a metal buckle, a watch, etc), stash them in your carry-on bag while you go through security. Once you’re through, you can put them back on. This will save you the hassle of taking off all your items and putting them back on again while in line.

5. Check the TSA’s List of Prohibited Items

The TSA’s rules for what you can and can’t bring change periodically, and some items are allowed in your checked bags but not in your carry-on. Review their list of prohibited items online before you pack.

4. Relax and Be Patient

Many of our travel agents recommend bringing your patience to the security checkpoint. Try not to get antsy while you’re waiting in line. It won’t make the line go any faster. If the security agents want to search your luggage, don’t complain or get irritated — the more you complain, the longer they will take to look through your items.

3. Match Your Name

Make sure that the name on your airline ticket matches the name on the ID you will be using at the airport. When you purchase your ticket, whether through a travel agent or online, give your name exactly as it shows on your ID, whether that’s your driver’s license or passport.

2. Follow the Rules for Liquids

The second most common tip given by our travel agents was to follow the rules regarding liquids. If you’re bringing liquids in a carry-on bag, they must be in containers of 4 ounces or less. Pack all of your liquid containers in one quart-sized, clear zip lock bag so that you can easily pull it out of your luggage. Any liquid containers over 4 ounces should be put in your checked luggage. See TSA Carry-On Liquid Rules for more guidelines.

1. Slip On Shoes

When asked what their number one tip was for getting through airport security, almost all of our agents recommended wearing slip on shoes. No straps or laces to tie makes it easier to take off your shoes when going through the security scanners, and easier to put them back on afterwards. This not only makes the process easier on yourself, but it also helps keep the line moving smoothly.

This is the first in a series of travel articles called “Travel Tips from Travel Agents.” The next installation is coming soon!