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About the Boston Cruise Port

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Cruiseport Boston, part of The Port of Boston, is located at:
1 Black Falcon Avenue
South Boston, MA 02210

The actual cruise port is called the “Black Fallon Cruise Terminal.”

Parking Information

Ticketed cruise passengers receive a special rate of $16 per day to park at this cruise port.

More information here.

Experience Boston

Home of more colleges and universities than any other city in the U.S., and infused with a vibrant, young ambiance, Boston has been the intellectual capital of our country for more than 350 years. Walk through lovely Louisbourg Square in Beacon Hill. Wander the antique red brick halls of the New and Old statehouses. Join the crowds of students as they cross Harvard Square and feel the irresistible vitality of Boston. Journey to Lexington and Concord and see where the first shots of the Revolution were fired.

More than 300,000 passengers use Cruiseport Boston each year. Whether departing on a cruise to Bermuda or transatlantic voyage, or visiting Boston on a port of call stop on a New England/Canada cruise, there are many reasons Cruiseport Boston should be part of your vacation experience.